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Siemens SINUMERIK Flash Solution | Classic Automation

Avoid system downtime due to old, spinning hard drive failures. No need to replace your SINUMERIK 840 system, simply upgrade your old MMC or PCU hard drive with a new, more reliable solid state hard drive (SSD). Classic Automation provides this upgrade service to extend the life of your SINUMERIK 840 installation. In many cases, your system will boot faster after the upgrade.

Send us your SINUMERIK MMC or PCU part by requesting an RMA from the solution page links below.  The existing hard drive will be imaged onto a replacement solid state drive (SSD) and installed with new mounting hardware.  

Search our inventory for a wide range of in stock Sinumerik parts.

Siemens SINUMERIK MMC Flash Solution | Classic Automation
Siemens SINUMERIK PCU Flash Solution | Classic Automation

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